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Christmas lunch Take Away

Danish Christmas Lunch as Take Away

Our kitchen now offers Christmas lunch as Take away. If you want to gather and celebrate Christmas, you can do so with a twist of Rungstedgaard. Delicious cold and hot dishes that just just have to heat - everything from the traditional Danish kitchen. At the end you will have Ris a la mande with Rungstedgaard's cherry sauce and then MERRY CHRISTMAS and BUON APPETIT.

You have to order one day ahead and before 3 PM. through our website. 
Pick-up betweeen 2 PM and 5 PM on weekdays and between 10 AM and 2 PM on Saturday and Sunday. 

The menu: 

Cold dishes

  • Rungstedgaard fried herring with mustard and pickled onions
  • Classic Danish curry herring with capers and dill
  • Eggs and hand-picked shrimps with chive mayonnaise 
  • Homemade smoked salmon with smoked creme cheese
  • Salad of Danish chicken with pepper bacon
  • Kale salad with pearl barley, pomegranate and seeds

Hot dishes

  • Breaded fish filet with pickles and lemon 
  • Confit duck with vinegar boiled red cabbage
  • Meatballs with pickled cucumber


  • Risalamande with cherry sauce (a classic Danish Christmas dessert made with rice, whipped créme and almonds) 
  • Brie cheese with sweet nuts in honey

Ryebread, white bread and butter

275 DKK per. person

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