Lunch – Fuel for the brain

As something completely new, we now offer lunch to our hotel guests and guests from outside. Delicious open rye bread sandwiches ala Rungstedgaard. 

Monday to Saturday from 11.30 - 3.00 PM

Oysters: 35 DKK per piece / 3 oysters. 90 kr. / 6 oysters 160 DKK

  • French oysters, natural or with horseradish and dilloil

Rye bread open sandwiches: 85 DKK per piece

Eggs and schrimps

  • Shrimps, egg, mayonnaise and dill.

Beef tatar

  • Danish beef, chive emulsion, chips of new potatoes and cress


  •  Danish rooster, beetroots, rhubarb, horseradish mayonnaise


  • Cold smoked salmon from Rungstedgaard oven, cream cheese, apple and cucumber

Fish filet

  • Breaded fried plaice, lemon mayonnaise and cucumber with dill


  • Avocado, tomato confit, cauliflower and pickled cheese


  • "Rød løber", buttered rye bread and dandelion marmelade


Caesar salad: 145 DKK

  • Danish chicken, lardo, pickled cabbage, crispy chicken skin and mustard

Fish and Chips: 145 DKK 

  • Cod and Pommes frites served with sauce tatar

Pommes Frites with dip: 45 DKK 


Coffee: 35 DKK per person

Tea: 35 DKK per person

Cake of the day: 45 DKK

Homemade petit four: 70 DKK per person


Monday to saturday 11.30 - 3.00 PM / Kitchen closes at 2.30 PM