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Prevention of Covid-19

We take care of everyone

Are you planning to attend a meeting or hotel-stay at Rungstedgaard, you can feel completely safe!

Rungstedgaard has been open throughout the Covid-19 period, and we have thus gained thorough experience in handling requirements and guidelines from the various authorities, so that our guests can fully enjoy their stay while both guests and staff can feel safe;

Please note:

If you have recently visited any other country that the Danish Foreign Ministry allows, we kindly request that you have been quarantined for the recommended 10 days, and/or have passed a Corona Test with a negative result.



All employees are trained in working procedures that ensure distance, as well as hygiene and disinfection procedures. Visible signage is located all over the house, to remind everyone to keep their distance, cough/sneeze in the sleeve and apply hand disinfection on a continuous basis.



All meeting rooms, the restaurant and common areas are set up with the necessary distances.
- We encourage you to wear a face mask when walking around in all public areas, however it is mandatory to wear one whenever you stand up and walk around in the restaurant. 



We have intensified the cleaning of all surfaces, and all touchpoints are disinfected several times daily. We have documentation that our linen suppliers ensure delivery of disinfected linen, and our dishwashers can also reach the required temperatures to ensure disinfected plates, glasses and cutlery.

In addition, disinfection gel dispensers are available throughout the house, including in all meeting rooms.


All meals, as well as the morning- and afternoon delights, are served in individual portions, to ensure that no common cutlery are used. In this way we ensure the broad selection and high gastronomic level you are accustomed to, without compromising your safety - everyone just has to keep a distance ;-) All servings are distributed in several places around the house/restaurant, to reduce queuing. 


We look forwar to open our bars again on May 7th. We follow the Danish goverments restrictions on Covid-19 which means, that all sales of beverages with alcohol will end at 10 pm. Non alcoholic beverages can be served until 11 pm, where the bar will close.  


Our a la carte restaurant, The Lounge, is open. It will require a valid corona passport to eat at The Lounge. Kindly contact the reception or book directly from our webpage.
All serving of beverages with alcohol will end at 10 pm. Non alcoholic beverages can be served until 11 pm, where the restaurant will close. 

Our restaurant The Restaurant, which is mainly for our hotel and conference guests, is open  All serving of beverages with alcohol will end at 10 pm.Non alcoholic beverages can be served until 11 pm, where the restaurant will close. 

It will require a valid corona passport to eat in The Restaurant.

Fitness & Wellness:

There are nice running routes in the area, and at the Reception you can borrow Kettlebells, mattresses and TRX systems so you can work out outdoors. Our small fitness room, is open for our guests. At our beauty salon"Art by Cat - wellness at Rungstedgaard" you can order massages, Body SDS and other care treatments.


Corona passport:

All guests visiting Rungstedgaard as of May 3rd 2021, must be able to show a valid Corona passport.

All guests at Rungstedgaard must show the Corona Pass, either at check-in at the reception or at the start of the meeting.

  • A valid passport is recognized by the following: A negativ result of a covid-19-test which is no more than 72 hrs old from the time of testing
  • A postive result of a covid-19-test which is at least 14 days and no more than 180 days(6 month) old, from the time of testing
  • A conpleted  covid-19 vaccine process   

A valid test in conncetion with a corona passport is only PCR or quick test. Hence " self testing" is not recognized as a valid test result.


The meeting responsible can undertake the responsability of checking all the participants

The staff at Rungstedgaard all have valid corona passports while working


Particularly exposed:
If you or your family are particularly exposed, so that you have special wishes for your stay at Rungstedgaard, please contact us directly on rec@rungstedgaard or +45 45864422, and we will do our best to find a solution just for you, so that you can participate in your arrangement, but with special regard for distance etc.


If you have Covid-19 Symptoms - Dry cough, Headache and fever – Please do not come to Rungstedgaard. You must first be tested negative for Covid-19. If, during your stay or immediately after your stay, you become ill and are tested positive with Covid19, please contact Rungstedgaard directly on 45864422 or, as we can then take the necessary measures to track the infection and advise those of our employees and guests that you may have been in contact with.

Have you visited a country that is on the "red-list" please do not visit Rungstedgaard before you have had a negative Corona-test or have been self-quarantined for 10 days.



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