The Lounge

A la Carte - the Nordic way

Our cosy renowned A la carte restaurant The Lounge Restaurant near Copenhagen, can seat 24 guests. The food is prepared with love, using primarily local Nordic ingredients, which also means that the menu may vary from day to day depending on what ingredients are at their tastiest here and now. 


The Lounge menu and The Lounge vegetarian menu

3 courses 
395 DKK              Winemenu 385 DKK

4 courses 480 DKK             Winemenu 465 DKK

5 courses 555 DKK              Winemenu 535 DKK

Starter 135 DKK

Main course 210 DKK

Dessert 95 DKK

Cheese - crackers - sweets 125,-

Coffee og Petit Four 75,-

Todays fish 
- Ask your waiter

Should squid and monkfish not be favourite dishes for our smallest guests, we of course have selected a few dishes that usually cater to the slightest taste. 

If you have other questions you are welcome to contact us on

*All rates are subject to yearly increase


Monday to Saturday from 17:30 to 22:00 (the kitchen closes at 21:30).
The lounge may be closed due to a private event.